On Ballet Magnificat's Summer Dance Intensive

Ballet Magnificat SDI students at fountain Rebekah

My journey to Ballet Magnificat started way before I got on the plane. It started when God placed a desire in my heart to dance. Then He showed me Doxa and all the amazing people there and their desire to praise God through the gift of dance. This then inspired me to pursue it further by going to Ballet Magnificat. 

Growing up in church I've done a lot of Bible studies and a couple of church camps so I was thinking Ballet Magnificat would be the same thing - go and have an awesome time, come back on a "Jesus high", then everything goes back to the way it was. But that's not what happened. I had a great time and the dance classes are amazing and challenging, but even though it is a summer dance intensive, dance wasn't the only focus. It was learning to become unshakable in our faith and continuing that when we went home, so things wouldn't go back to the way they were before.

Ballet Magnificat is a incredible experience and God showed me so much through it. I would encourage anyone who is interested in summer dance intensives to go to Ballet Magnificat.

- Rebekah Gasparovich


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