About Us


Doxa means, in Greek, “the glory to God” or “all glory is God’s.” It is the root of the word doxology, the reverent prayer sung in churches offering all praises to God. It is our prayer that Doxa is a ministry through which the freedom of worship through movement is celebrated and the name of Jesus glorified. Doxa is a ministry of Paramount Baptist Church.



The mission of the Doxa Ministry is to equip dancers through instruction and performance opportunities with the ability to use their God-given talent as an avenue for worshipping God, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and growing in their faith, and to thereby bless Paramount and the larger Amarillo community with a visual and artistic witness for Christ.



At Doxa, we want every dancer we teach to know:

About themselves -

  • They are fully loved by God who made them, intentionally and wonderfully, for His glory.
  • Jesus Christ, His Son, died in their place, as payment for their sin, to give them eternal life; this is the free and gracious gift of God, offered to all, earned by none.
  • They have been equipped by their Creator with many gifts, talents, and abilities, and the greatest joy comes from using those gifts to glorify Him.
  • If they follow Christ, they are called to holiness, as He is holy. Their identity is found in Christ alone, and not defined by the society around them.

About dancing - 

  • Dance is a beautifully powerful way to communicate the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Just as learning the correct notes and technique for singing or playing an instrument makes music more impactful and easily understood, so mastering correct ballet technique equips dancers to more clearly communicate through their art.
  • In our training, we strive for excellence, not perfection. God alone is perfect, and striving for perfection becomes a self-glorifying and often self-deprecating pursuit. Instead, we strive to do everything with excellence because our God is worthy of our best offering of praise, always. We define working with excellence as striving to improve, to become better than you were yesterday; it is seeking to use all that you have been given to express your worship to God.