Boys at Doxa

This page will be updated with 2019-20 Season information soon!



Classical ballet technique foundation with an additional emphasis on jumps, turns, male stage presence, and preparation for partnering. For boys ages 7 and up, and can be taken in addition to one of our leveled classes, which is highly encouraged!


7 - 13, no placement required, beginner to intermediate level

1 hour class

Season Tuition - $200 ($25/month) if taken alone

Offered: Sun 2:15p


14 and up, intermediate to advanced level

90 minute class

Season Tuition - $240 ($30/month) if taken alone

Offered: Sun 3:15p


Boys ages 5 and up are welcome to enroll in classes of any level according to age:


5 - 6 year olds

Enroll in any class listed under Buttercups (5-6 year olds); 45 minute class

Season Tuition - $160 ($20/month)

T-Shirt Color: BLACK, WHITE, or YELLOW (same as leotard color of girls' level)

Offered: Sun 2:15p, Mon 4:00p, Tues 2:45p, Tues 4:30p, Wed 3:45p, Wed 4:30p, Thurs 10:45p, Thurs 4:00p, Thurs 5:45p


7 - 13 year olds

Enroll in any class listed under Daisies (7-8 year olds), Lilies (9 - 11 year olds), Lilacs (12 - 13 year olds) without placement and no previous experience necessary; 1 hour class

Season Tuition - 1 class per week: $200 ($25/month), 2 classes: $320 ($40/month), 3 classes: $400 ($50/month)

T-Shirt Color: BLACK, WHITE, or same as leotard color of girls' level

Offered: see Daisies, Lilies, or Lilacs on Current Season page for class times


14 and up, or younger by placement; intermediate to advanced level

Attend a placement class to be leveled with Irises, Tulips, Violets, or Orchids; class length varies by level

Season Tuition - see above levels

T-Shirt Color: BLACK, WHITE, or same as leotard color of girls' level

Offered: see Irises, Tulips, Violets, or Orchids on Current Season page for class times



This "wheel" approach class features acting, contemporary, and conditioning (II and III only) taught in rotating blocks of several weeks during the year. This class prepares students for the skills required of our dancers in story-telling and gospel-sharing presentations at Doxa.

Acting involves emotional expression, stage presence, and character development through numerous technical and improvisational exercises. If Doxa is presenting a story-ballet in the current season, students will study characters from that biblical story and explore the process of empathizing with a character in order to portray their reality through dance.

Conditioning combines pilates, yoga, cardio, and strengthening exercises to tone and develop a dancer's core, turnout, and proper alignment. Features technique building exercises of the Progressing Ballet Technique by Marie Walton-Mahon.

Contemporary explores non-classical dance techniques which are often incorporated into Doxa story ballets.

I - 45 min class (Daisies), II and III - 1 hour class (Lilies - Orchids)

Season Tuition: +$80/year, +$10/month added to technique level classes

T-Shirt Color: ANY solid color, no graphics

Offered: I - Daisies/Oaks (7-8) - Mon 6:30p, II - Lilies/Lilacs/Irises/Oaks (9+) - Tues 4:15p, III - Tulips/Violets/Orchids/Cedars - Tues 5:15p