Registration Fee: $15 (once-per-family-per-year)

    One season = 8 monthly payments (Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 1)

    Note: Monthly tuition does not depend on how many classes are offered in the particular month - it is one year of tuition divided into 8 equal payments. Please see the Withdrawal Policy further down this page regarding tuition due if a performing level student drops prior to the end of the semester/season.

    MOMMY & ME | ages walking - 2 year olds

    Mommy & students attend class once per week for 30 minutes.

    Baby Blossoms: walking - 2 years $5 $15
    Bitty Bonnets: 2 year olds $5 $15


    LOWER SCHOOL | 3 - 8 years

    Lower School students attend class once per week.

    Rosebuds: 3 year olds
    30 min $140 $17.50

    Sweet Peas: 4 year olds

    45 min $160 $20
    Buttercups: 5 & 6 year olds 45 min $160 $20
    Daisies: 7 & 8 year olds
    60 min $200 $25
    Performance Development: supplemental class (Daisies only)
    45 min


    INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL | 9 and up, by age and experience

    Intermediate students are placed primarily by age with experience as a supporting factor.

    Lilies: 9 - 11 year olds 1
    Lilacs: 12+ beginners, or younger by placement 2 (required)
    Irises: by placement 2 (required)
    Performance Development: supplemental combined class 1 +$80 +$10


    UPPER SCHOOL | by experience

    Upper School students are placed by experience and all levels require a placement class. Please contact us prior to enrolling.

    Tulips: by placement 2 (required)
    Violets: by placement 2 (required)
    Orchids: by placement 2 (required)
    Pointe I, II, & III: by placement 1
    Supplemental 1-hr Classes: partnering, conditioning 1 +$80 +$10


    BOYS AT DOXA | 5 and up

    Saplings: ages 5 - 6 1 $160 $20
    Oaks: ages 7 - 13; additional class(es) can be taken with Daisies, Lilies, or Lilacs (see classes page) 1
    2 (recommended)
    see Lilies for equivalent
    see Lilies for equivalent
    Cedars: ages 14+ (or younger by placement); additional class(es) can be taken with Lilacs - Orchids based on placement 1
    2 or more
    see Violets for equivalent
    see Violets for equivalent


    ADULT CLASSES | 18 and up

    One Class Per Week $25/month
    Two Classes Per Week $40/month
    Drop-In Rate $10/class


    Tuition can be paid using the Parent Portal system online, or by cash or check in the church office or Doxa studios. Cards are not accepted in person - only online. Please make sure any payment is clearly labeled with your child's first and last name and preferably, their class level/day/time. Doxa does not charge recital fees or late fees. We are committed to keeping our program affordable for families and do not approve of policies that involve "hidden" surprising fees throughout the year. As a result, adherence to these guidelines is crucial to maintain our flexibility with deadlines:
    1.  Monthly payment is due on the first of each month. They can always be paid in advance.
    2. Communicate via email any payments that will not meet the due date - we are happy to accommodate, but just need to know.
    3. Adhere to withdrawal deadlines (see Withdrawals).
    4. A Costume Hold Charge will be applied to student accounts in January but removed upon return of the recital costume in excellent condition following the recital. You may also pay the fee to keep the costume if desired (see Costumes for more details).


    Enrolling in Season Classes is a commitment to participate from the start date in August or September through April of the following spring.

    All requests for dropped classes or cancelled registrations must be received by email to doxadanceministry@gmail.com.

    Cancellation requests that are received two weeks prior to the first class of the season will be fully refunded. Within the two week margin, but still prior to the first class, cancellations will be refunded minus the $15 registration fee. This policy applies to summer camps as well.

    Once classes have begun, even if a dancer's registered class has not yet met, all drops are considered Withdrawals.

    The Withdrawal Window* is open until the third week's class of the season (end of August - mid September). Example: a student enrolled in a Sunday afternoon class would have until the third Sunday after the season begins to withdraw if desired. We understand that some students are new to the dance classroom or are very young and could benefit from a couple weeks to try the class before committing to the year.

    Withdrawals during the Withdrawal Window owe September Tuition and the Registration Fee only. After the Withdrawal Window has closed, students are charged the tuition due for the remainder of the semester (Sept - Dec). Students are automatically enrolled for classes through April culminating in the spring recital at the end of April or early May. Notifications that a student will NOT return after Christmas Break must be received via email prior to December 15th. After this date, dropped students are responsible for tuition through April and the cost of their costume if one has been purchased for them, regardless of when they notify Doxa of intention to drop.

    Please note: These policies are designed to encourage families to consider the effects of failing to complete their enrollment commitment (class dynamics, unused costumes, choreography changes, etc.) We also often operate with waiting lists prior to the start of classes, but once families' schedules are set and the year is in progress, it's much harder to add students into vacated spots. More importantly though, we strongly believe children and teens benefit greatly from completing whatever task or activity in which they participate and ask that parents encourage their dancers to push through challenges and ask for help when needed, rather than giving up. Please never hesitate to inform your dancer's teacher or the Doxa director if you have concerns about your child's engagement level - we want to partner with you and ensure every dancer not only reaches their potential, but enjoys the process!

    *The Withdrawal Window does not apply to Mommy & Me or any Open class (Adult Ballet, Summers) which can add students throughout the year, space permitting.


    Doxa is able to provide partial or short-term full scholarships based on need, and small merit-based scholarships for older dancers to pursue summer training and mission opportunities. Please email doxadanceministry@gmail.com to inquire about the availability of scholarships or to donate to our scholarship fund. While we strive to keep tuition very reasonably priced, we know every family's situation is different and we never want tuition to be cost-prohibitive. If your family experiences a financial crisis while your dancer is enrolled in Doxa, please first talk with us prior to making any decision to withdraw (even with the intention to re-enroll the following season). We would much rather offer assistance and keep a dancer's training consistent and continuous if at all possible.

    See more about applying for a scholarship here.



    Typically, Season Classes follow this general schedule:

    • First Classes of new Season are Tuesday after Labor Day
    • No Classes Tuesday through Saturday Thanksgiving Week
    • Last Classes for 1st Semester are Friday of a full week prior to Christmas
    • First Class for 2nd Semester are Friday of the second full week of January
    • No Classes Monday through Friday of AISD Spring Break
    • No Classes will be held on Good Friday or Easter Sunday; IF Easter Sunday falls after the end of the season classes (like in 2019, but rarely occurs) then No Classes will be held the Sunday following Spring Break
    • The last day of classes is typically the last Friday before performances. IF the performances are a combined story ballet/recital (all students in one production) then classes will end the week prior to allow for evening Dress Rehearsals. If the last Friday for scheduled classes is Good Friday, then the season will end with Thursday classes the day before.

    The exact dates for each year should be noted on the calendar above, in addition to special events. We do have classes on Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, and other school days-off like Staff In-Service Days or unused Snow Days. We use the above schedule so that all classes meet the same number of times regardless of their day, excluding closings out of our control such as for inclement weather.

    Inclement Weather Closings

    We defer to Amarillo Independent School District regarding school closings - if there is no school that day due to snow, we will not have Doxa classes. Sometimes, for non-school days like Sundays or for Wednesday night activities, we will defer to the church office leadership for facility closures. Be sure to check your email and like our Facebook page as we will utilize these two communication methods to notify about closures.

    Since we are unable to control weather closings, classes canceled for this reason are not rescheduled and do not affect tuition due.


    Doxa has a specific color based dress code.

    Please click for Dress Code Policy.



    Please share this section with your dancer! All rules are enforced in an age-appropriate manner, meaning we expect to have to remind a Sweet Pea of the rules, but by the Daisies class they are expected to know and abide by all rules, and respond to instruction the first time.

    • No hanging, climbing, or pulling on ballet barres - wall-mounted or free-standing. They are not constructed like gymnastics bars and treating them this way can cause damage to the wall or injury to themselves.
    • Students should not talk while the teacher is talking, or while other students are dancing (they should be watching).
    • Dancers should not sit down during class unless watching due to injury or told to sit by the instructor.
    • Respect the teacher and respond to instruction the first time.
    • No gum or food of any kind in the studios. Water only in securely closed containers is allowed for Upper School. If water bottles become a distraction, the teacher reserves the right to alter this policy for her own class.
    • Students of all ages should make every effort to not leave class once it has begun until it has finished.

    We will not tolerate behavior for which we have to ask a child continually to get off the floor, stop talking, or who refuses to participate correctly. If this is a problem, we will have the child sit out for the remainder of class and discuss the behavior problem with the parent after class or by email, and may ask the parent to stay and observe the next week.



    Doxa Studios are located upstairs in building B at Paramount Baptist Church. Please park in the Purple Parking Lot and use entrances B4 or B5 (B5 has a ramp). Past the Rec Desk and partway down the hall, you will see an elevator and stairwell (across from the gym doors). Use either to go upstairs and through the double doors to arrive at the Doxa studios to your left.



    Please arrive on time, with a few minutes to spare, so that your dancer can use the bathroom, change shoes and the class can begin on time. Ballet classes are conducted in a very specific order, with a progression of warming and stretching the muscles, developing technique, and then perfecting balance, coordination, and musicality. If a dancer misses the beginning they are not only losing instruction time, but also put at greater risk for injury or muscle fatigue. Intermediate and Upper School students especially are encouraged to arrive a little early and warm up/stretch quietly in the waiting area.

    Please expect to stay with your child until the class begins and pick them up promptly when class ends. No children under 5th grade should be left unattended or allowed to leave without an adult present at the studio door to pick them up (church policy). If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, please provide this information in writing to Doxa, either by sending a note with your child or emailing doxadanceministry@gmail.com. Some classes are back-to-back, while others have breaks before or after, but either way - it is important that we stay on schedule and that the teacher is able to spend time beforehand preparing for the class or working on choreography.


    Please make every effort to ensure your child has gone to the bathroom shortly before class begins. There are bathrooms next to the water fountain in the hall, and more down the stairs. Some, but not all, of the younger classes have studio assistants, but it is far more ideal for them to be helping in the classroom than running back and forth from the bathroom. One child’s request often prompts four or five others, and we do not want to be in the position of determining whether or not your child really needs to go. Also, your child will miss critical instruction when they leave the room. We completely understand that it will happen occasionally, but ask that they are taken before class every week to limit these interruptions.

    Sweet Peas must be fully potty-trained and not in a Pull-Up in class. Please enroll in a Mommy & Me class or wait to begin classes until the following year if your child is not ready in this department - we promise she won't be behind! If you need to discuss this further, email doxadanceministry@gmail.com.


    Because of capacity constraints, recital preparations, and other considerations, we do not offer arrangements for students to make up classes they miss. Absences do not affect tuition due.


    Please remove street shoes before entering the studio (children and adults). No rosin allowed - please properly prepare pointe shoes by using methods not damaging to vinyl dance flooring.


    The Playzone down the hall from the studios is available to Doxa parents and children (12 and under only) as long as it is during Activity Center hours (posted) and there is not a private party in progress. If it is locked, check downstairs at the Rec desk and someone can unlock it for you. Doxa instructors do not have the code and it changes frequently. Please do not allow children to play unsupervised or use any indoor play space outside of Activity Center hours -- it is a privilege that we have this space available to us and we must follow the rules as posted by the Recreation Ministry.

    Please be aware that any noise in the hallway, even normal conversation, carries through the closed doors and can be distracting to the dancers and teachers. You are more than welcome to watch your child from the hall, but please take conversation around the corner or further down the hall. The space by the elevator is intended for parents and dancers to wait for their class to begin and stretch. The teacher will likely close the doors to the studio; however, there are windows to both studios which you are welcome to watch through. Please just be sensitive if your presence seems to be distracting the class and perhaps stand further back from the glass to watch.

    Parents are not required to stay during their child’s class, except for Bitty Bonnets classes in which the parent actively participates with their young child. It is suggested and helpful if a parent stays nearby during Rosebuds and Sweet Peas classes, to assist your child in the bathroom if needed, especially if the class does not have an assistant. If you leave, please ensure your child went to the restroom before class.

    If the teacher has experienced any behavior or other concerns with your child in class, she may ask you to stay the next week in order to observe, most likely from the hall. 


    Please inform the teacher of any injury which you believe should prevent your child from participating fully in class. Dancers must learn to handle small aches and pains with grace, however, we want to treat serious concerns seriously, so if you know of something your child is dealing with, please let us know too! A child who is injured and cannot participate in class at all is encouraged to come in regular clothes (but still remove their shoes) and observe class. Once a participating dancer sits out due to injury or complaint, they will not be permitted to rejoin the class due to increased risk of injury and cold muscles.


    Lower School Levels are determined by age at season start date (typically around September 1st). Rosebuds must be potty-trained and MUST be three by the first day of classes - no exceptions will be made to this rule. Many students will have birthdays during the year which make them older than the starting age for their class, but they will not change levels until the following season (school year). Students are only very rarely placed above their age level which is strictly at the instructor's discretion with permission of the director. If you have a concern about your child's placement, particularly if you think they would do better in a younger class, please let us know. We want to ensure every child is in a class where they will succeed.

    Intermediate School Levels are determined first by age, with experience as a supporting factor. A minimum of two technique classes per week are required for Lilacs and Irises. 

    Upper School Levels are determined primarily by experience, with age as a supporting factor. New students can attend an open class in the summer for placement purposes. Typically, students spend two to four years at a level, but may progress more quickly with consistent stretching outside of class, by taking multiple classes per week, and by fully applying themselves diligently in every class. Advancement is by recommendation of the instructor in conference with the director. Upper School students receive two separate placements - technique (Tulips, Violets, Orchids), pointe (none yet, or Pointe I - III). A minimum of two technique classes per week are required for Tulips, Violets, and Orchids. If a dancer has a school-related conflict with one of the days, arrangements can be made with the director regarding other classes to take to meet the minimum requirement of placement in these levels. However, this may affect performance opportunities since most rehearsals align with the Monday/Thursday technique class schedule.

    The separate Pointe class is required for Tulips and Violets if they have been determined ready for pointe work by a Doxa instructor. There will not be pointe-specific instruction in the technique class time, and dancers should have a minimum of two years on pointe before taking technique class in their pointe shoes.

    Students who leave Doxa but return after one or more semesters (not including summers) will need to be reevaluated for placement upon re-entry to the program.




    NEW POLICY: Dancers in all performing levels must maintain a minimum of 50% attendance at any given time during the current season to be eligible for performances. Please note, a dancer who attends only 50% of the time will not be well-prepared for their performance. But any dancer who cannot meet this minimum requirement will not be allowed to participate in the performance.

    Excluding Mommy & Me, Rosebuds, and Adult Class participants, all enrolled students perform in the end-of-year recital which falls one of the last two weekends of April or first weekend of May. To opt-out of recital or other performances, please notify us at doxadanceministry@gmail.com as early as possible.

    Dancers are divided across multiple performances. Lower School students usually perform in one performance. Intermediate School students generally perform one dance per class taken, which can fall either in the same performance or in different performances. Upper School students will usually perform in all or most of the scheduled performance times, though their roles may vary, or they may perform a separate weekend if Doxa is producing an original story ballet that year.

    Siblings may end up in the same performance or in different performances. This is based on which classes they are in and is simply “luck of the draw.” We cannot guarantee that siblings will perform at the same time.



    Help from parents is necessary to make recitals successful. As a parent with a dancer in Doxa, your role for recital is to:
    1. Provide required attire for your dancer (pink tights and shoes; sometimes, a black leotard or undergarment leotard)
    2. Attend the mandatory dress rehearsal
    3. Pay tuition balance prior to dress rehearsal (if not already paid)
    4. Arrive at call time with your dancer dressed and ready to go (20 mins early for recitals; up to 1 hr for larger production years)
    5. Help your dancer off-stage during rehearsals and the performance as necessary
    6. Purchase your dancer's costume prior to the recital OR return the costume with all accessories in excellent condition immediately after the recital (see costume policy for details)
    7. View this performance first and foremost as a worship and witness opportunity
    8. Set a godly example for my child and other participants by treating others with respect, humility, and patience
    9. Volunteer as able for various tasks. Requests are made several weeks prior to recital.

    Specific recital date/time for each class as well as dress rehearsal information is made available as early as possible, usually in November. Please IMMEDIATELY reserve all given dates on your calendar and protect them against conflicts. With the exception of sudden illness, dancers are required to attend their dress rehearsal times and perform in ALL performances designated for their class.


    At Doxa, we make every effort to keep performing costs at a minimum for families. We do not charge recital fees. Doxa even purchases recital costumes at no cost to you! Parents are able to purchase the costumes to keep if they prefer, or just return them in excellent condition at the end of the recital.

    When costumes are purchased, the Costume Hold Charge will appear on online tuition accounts. The Charge varies by level because of differences in original prices, availability, and replacement costs. The Hold Charge will either be covered by payment (if choosing to keep) or be removed once the costume is returned. For those who opt to enroll in Auto-Pay, the Costume Hold Charge will not be charged to your card (only tuition will be) unless you give written permission by email to do so. If a dancer withdraws after costumes have been purchased, they will be responsible for the cost of the Hold Charge for their costume (see Withdrawal Policy).



    Doxa dancers are given the opportunity to perform at other events during the year. This may include Paramount's Christmas events, Sunday services, mission trips, community outreach, or side projects. These performances usually include the dancers in the highest levels and those invited to participate may vary depending upon the number of dancers needed. These opportunities are optional and involvement requirements are expressed at the onset of each commitment.



    If interested in teaching at Doxa, please complete this this form. Applications are considered as teaching positions become available.


    QUESTIONS? Contact Us